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Blockchain and Bitcoin are trending topics. But, if you find yourself, like the majority, confused by what they really are, if and how they impact you, or if they are just a passing craze, then this book was written for you.

It's a non technical guide to Blockchain and the future of money, the future of trust, and the future of us. But most importantly, its about why you should care.

I’ve also included the Blockchain Integration Framework (BIF); a handy guide to integrating Blockchain into your organization’s infrastructure, as well as over 30+ real-life examples around how this technology is currently improving experiences, maximizing profits and creating trust in a trustless world. Lastly, the book ends with a few thought-provoking insights about the blending and corresponding implications of emerging technologies like 5G, AI & IoT with Blockchain.

Let’s use this book to collaborate on building the future of trust together.

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Topics Covered

Here's a quick break down of each chapter.


Book Overview

Chapter 1

Trust Issues & What is Blockchain?

Chapter 2

Bitcoin & The Future of Money

Chapter 3

The Community: What Makes Blockchain So Powerful

Chapter 4

The Future of Us & the Future of Trust


An A-Z guide to Blockchain key terms

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"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing" - Benjamin Franklin

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Damu Winston, MBA, PMP

A Dubai-based, American engineer with a focus on developing digital strategies, products, and services.
Following a career in consulting within the emerging technologies and innovation domains, which span the United States and countries in the Middle East. Damu has expanded to training and authoring literature about Blockchain and its impact on businesses and society as a whole.

In his book, I Don't Trust You, But Blockchain and Bitcoin Will Help, he explores the whys and hows of blockchain from a business perspective, cutting through the technical jargon, and making this emerging technology easy to understand for anyone who reads it.

Having worked on software patents, and experiences in the financial services, healthcare, technology, and nuclear energy sectors, Damu is a seasoned professional with over 15 of years building emerging technology solutions.


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